Welcome to  KSEANY Metro.  Olympiad

  • KMSO:  What is the KMSO?
    The intent of this Olympiad is to promote and nurture the curious young minds in their pursuit of challenge, to help them discover the joy of science and math, as well as to provide mentoring and sense of community. What makes this Olympiad even more special is that sharing of experience and knowledge in the field of science and engineering provided the volunteers who are currently professional engineers, scientists, professors, and students pursuing a professional degree in these areas. Students and parents are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities during the Olympiad to speak with volunteers and guest speaker who would be more than willing to provide advice, tips, and words of encouragement to the participants and parents. more info? click heregt;gt;gt;http://kmso.kseany.org/
  • NMSC:  National Math and Science Competition
    Mathematics and Science are very important in our rapidly changing technological and scientific age. Proficiency in math and science is the gateway to all kinds of careers. The Korean-American Scientists Engineers Association (KSEA) offers the National Mathematics Science Competition (NMSC) to challenge and inspire students. The KSEA NMSC is also dedicated to elevate mathematical abilities, talents, and scientific innovation of all students. The KSEA NMSC is dedicated to the goal of fostering mathematical and scientific capabilities of all students. more info? click heregt;gt;gt;http://nmsc.kseany.org/

  • Parents Program:  more info? click heregt;gt;gt; http://parentsprogram.kseany.org/



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