2014-2015 Activities

40th KSEA NY Metropolitan Chapter Activity Report
(July, 2014- June, 2015)

President: K. Stephen Suh
Vice Presidents: Sae Woong Park, Ju-hyun Lee

1. Job-Career Seminar (Sep 20th, 2014. Stony Brook Univ.) – 72 participates
Presented HRCap (www.hrcap.com), Yumin Kang (Consulate), and K. Stephen Suh

2. Fall Picnic (Sep 27th, 2014. Sunken Meadow State Park)-215 participates

3. 21st KSEA Math/Science Olympiad (KMSO) Check-Off Meeting-15 participates
When: Oct. 29th, 2014, 7 PM
Where: PoongLim, Fort Lee (2053 Lemoine Avenue Fort Lee, NJ 07024)
(a) 21st KMSO
(b) Volunteer arrangement

4. KSEA Math/Science Olympiad (KMSO) On-site Meeting-7 participates
When: Nov. 15th, 2014, 6 PM
Where: Queens College
Agenda: 21st KMSO dry run

5. KSEA Math/Science Olympiad (KMSO) On-site Meeting-5 participates
When: Nov. 21st, 2014, 5 PM
Where: Queens College
Agenda: 21st KMSO final check

6. KMSO (Nov 22nd, 2014. Queens College) / Award Ceremony (Dec 13th, 2014)
– Math 180 / Science 130 / Family ~100 / Volunteers ~ 90 participates

7. Career-developing Seminar (Feb. 5th, 2015. Stony Brook Univ.) – 25 participates
Presented Jaehoon Yu (University of Texas at Arlington)

8. Officially approved Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization
(Feb. 23rd, 2015. EIN #: 47-2857614, Official name: KSEA New York Metropolitan Chapter)

9. KSEA NY metro chapter council meeting-31 participates
When: Feb. 23rd, 2015, 6 PM
Where: PoongLim, Fort Lee (2053 Lemoine Avenue Fort Lee, NJ 07024)
(a) 2014 report and finance
(b) 2015 plan (NMSC and NRC)
(c) Introduction of principal and members

10. NYKB annual conference (Apr 4th, 2015. Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) – 120 participates

11. NMSC (Apr 18th, 2015. Queens College) – 60 participates

12. NRC 2015 (June 12-13th, 2015. Edison, NJ) – 200 participates

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