2017-2018 Activities

2017-2018 activities

43rd KSEA NY Metropolitan Chapter Activity Report

(July, 2017- June, 2018)

President:  Minsuk Kang
Vice Presidents: Ohbong Kwon, Ju-hyun Lee

<43rd KSEA New York Metropolitan Chapter Board Members>


1. KSEA NY metropolitan chapter council meeting

<Thank you 2016~2017 to Dr. Eon Soo Lee>


2. KSEA NY metropolitan chapter Former President Dinner
<September 1st, 2017 @Cliff’s Steakhouse>


3. Young Scientists’ Night
<October 6th, 2017>

Young Scientists’ Night is a networking dinner event hosted the New York Metropolitan Chapter of KSEA (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers’ Association) to promote professionals and students in the greater NYC area to meet a diverse group of like-minded intellectuals across different disciplines and age-groups. The program will consist of cocktail hour, dinner, short presentations, and networking sessions. We have attendees from undergraduates, graduates, as well as professionals in the field of academia, pharmaceuticals, consulting, tech, and many more.






















4. Meeting with President Moon Jae-in
<September 18th, 2017>









5. KSEA NY metropolitan chapter council meeting


6. 24th KMSO (KSEA Math and Science Olympiad)
<Nov 18th, 2017>
중앙일보 관련기사
한국일보 관련기사














7. KSEA NY metropolitan chapter council meeting


8. KSEA YG Outing







9. MOU with Andrew Kim Memorial Foundation
<March 17th, 2018>
중앙일보 관련기사
AM1660 방송


10. NRC 2018 (Northeast Regional Conference)
<March 24th, 2018 @Montclair State University>
TKC 방송


11. Technical Seminar









12. KSEA NY Metropolitan Chapter General Meeting

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