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한국에너지기술연구원 국제공동연구과제 제안 공고

2017-06-06 23:42

한국에너지기술연구원 국제공동연구과제 제안 공고


R&D Project Funding Program (한국에너지기술연구원 국제공동연구과제 제안 공고)

The 2017 KIER international joint project is to promote top-tier cutting edge research in the energy technology including separation and conversion materials, energy materials, thermal energy system, photovoltaic, fuel cell, hydrogen and fuel cell, clean fuel energy, system convergence by international joint R&D projects

This is an excellent opportunity for KSEA members to collaborate with Korean colleagues through projects funded by KIER.


1) Any Scientists and engineers in need of KIER’s funding support with an aim for advancing state of the art research in the area of energy technology
2) Those with more than 3 years of relevant professional career


1) Any scientists and engineers who meet the above mentioned qualifications are eligible to apply and submit concept paper by June 23(Friday), 2017.

2) After the 1st proposal evaluation, several top-ranked candidates will be selected as eligible partners for full proposal submission with 12 KIER PIs.
One partner for one KIER PI will be matched by the 1st evaluation on June 30, 2017.

3) KIER will award three (3) to five (5) projects (number is changeable) which successfully pass the final presentation. Presentation venue is KIER. Round trip air-ticket and per diem will be provided to foreign PI.

4) Following the final evaluation in October, contracts will be made for projects to start in November 2017.

More details are given below.

  1. 2017 KIER international joint project program guidelines

  2. List of suggested concept papers by KIER PIs

  3. Concept paper template

  4. Program guidelines in Korean

  5. Concept papers from KIER PIs

Hope many of you can take advantage of this funding opportunity for successful joint projects.

Thank you,

Eun-Suk Seo

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